Announcing our new Mobile SDK

Veritrans Mobile SDK

We are happy to announce our new mobile SDK for Android and iOS platforms. They have been rewritten ground up for safe, secure and simple integration with Veritrans Payment Gateway. Here are the new enhancements you can find on the new SDK.


  • Core Flow & UI Flow
  • Open Source SDK
  • New Backend Infrastructure
  • Dynamic payment type
  • Smaller footprint SDK
  • Ability to scan card(Optional)

Choice of Implementations

In order to provide the simplest integration experience, We divide the SDK into two types:

  • UIKit (UI Flow) - We provide a drop in User interface for making transactions on all the payment types supported by Veritrans, with just 10 lines of glue code in your app you can start to make payments.

For iOS

pod 'MidtransKit', '~> 1.0'

For Android

compile 'com.midtrans:uikit:1.0.0'
  • Corekit (Core Flow) - This is an API-only implementation in which you can create your own UI, and customize it still using the the payments infrastructure provided by Veritrans

For iOS

pod 'MidtransCoreKit'

For Android

compile 'com.midtrans:corekit:1.0.1'

Please add this on dependencies on root's build.gradle.

For complete installation instructions, please see on wiki.

Open Source SDK

Our mobile SDK is completely open source. You can take a look at our iOS SDK and Android SDK.
We also provide fully featured example applications for iOS and Android as reference implementation on how to use most of the SDK features.

New Backend Infrastructure

In this SDK we are using our new snap Infrastructure to handle our mobile payment services. From your perspective benefits from the new backend are:

  • Simple integration - Only one specified interface needs to be implemented on the merchant server side for all the integration to take place
  • Secure communication - We provide Secure Encrypted communication between Mobile phone, merchant server and the Veritrans server. These are rigorously tested by our compliance team for security issues.
  • Scale and Performance - The snap platform is build for scale and for great performance.

Dynamic payment types on the Mobile

In the new mobile sdk, we retrieve and show payment types based on your Veritrans MAP(Merchant Administration Portal) account. You just need to enable or disable payment type on MAP, the mobile SDK will update the list automatically. There is no need to change the code and update the app.

Small SDK Footprint

We provide smallest possible footprint SDK with minimal required dependencies bundled with the SDK.

  • Corekit library
    It is a small SDK with size of less than 160kb.
    The SDK is bundled with external dependencies such as Retrofit and OkHttp that will be used to handle the http request so you don't need to explicitly define those dependencies.
  • Uikit library
    The library is around 6.5MB for Android and 2.2MB for iOS.
    It is bundled with Corekit (and its dependencies) with additional payment page UI for your application.
    We use a plugin architecture to adding external dependencies. To integration we provide plugin for UIKit, This ensures that we include as little baggage as possible.

Ability to scan card (Optional)

We provide scan card SDK dependency that brings ability to scan credit card using the phone camera through
The scan card library is a simple wrapper for usage in our Uikit.

To use that just include this on your gradle dependencies.

For iOS

self.paymentVC = [[MidtransUIPaymentViewController alloc] 
                     initWithToken:token andUsingScanCardMethod:YES];
                 self.paymentVC.delegate = self;

For Android

                    .setExternalScanner(new ScanCard()) 

Other Features

  • Use Merchant name & logo automatically from MAP
  • Support for Swift via bridging header for iOS
  • Support for 3DSecure View with a fullscreen window
  • Tested for memory leaks
  • Stability Improvements and multiple Bug fixes
  • Continuous Integration Visibility for iOS/Android SDK's

Upcoming Features

We are still working on a whole bunch of things that we plan to release over the coming months.

  • 1-click support for the saving credit card for future transactions.
  • Credit Card Widget to embed directly into your user interface
  • Automatic theme selection from MAP preferences
  • Automatic Payment type prioritization from MAP

Mobile SDK Team
With Love from Jakarta and Jogja.